Will You Be My Mentor?

February 25th, 2009

glennclosestalkerIf you’ve ever had a great mentor in your life, you know how valuable and rewarding a mentor/mentee relationship can be. But how do you find and “land” a great mentor?

Do you straight-up ask someone that you admire to be your mentor? That’s a bit like walking up to a supermodel in a bar and asking her (him) to be your fiancee.  You can come off as presumptuous and a bit stalker-y (“I will not be ignored, Dan”). After all, mentorship implies a long-term nurturing relationship. What if your potential mentor just isn’t that into you? Awwwwwkward.

However, I have had lots of great experiences with mentors and know that it’s worth the effort  to find a good one.  So when Jessica at asked me to answer some questions about the care and feeding of mentors, I had lots to talk about. Check out our Q&A on mentorship.

I wrote about my test drive of, a new online career and network management tool, a few weeks ago. It’s still in free beta if you want to try it out yourself.

Do you have advice to share on the subject? How did you find your most influential mentor? How have mentees approached you?

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Arlan Berglas

The story about Pamela Skillings is so inspirational we have highlighted it on our website for your review. The Pass It Forward Movement is the world’s largest mentoring (acts of kindness) movement. Please take a look at

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Sharon Wilson

Great post! I have noticed with the advent of social networking that it is easier to connect and network with people than ever before in this way.

It is exciting to see all that is happening, and I look forward to checking out!

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