Twitter Idea Party with Barbara Sher

March 12th, 2009

I have been resisting Twitter for a while now.  I can see the addiction potential  and it scares me a little.

But I was finally inspired to spend a little more time exploring Twitter after reading about Barbra Sher’s ongoing Twitter idea party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her landmark book Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want.

Barbara Sher is an amazing person — brilliant, funny, and incredibly generous with her ideas. She also is the inventor of the concept of the Idea Party, which she has now moved to Twitter. An Idea Party is just a gathering of smart, creative people who get together to brainstorm and share resources. Each guest presents a wish or a goal and what obstacles are holding them back. Then everyone else chimes in with ideas, connections, and resources that could help. You see, Barbara believes that isolation is the dream killer and that  every one of us knows somebody who knows a shortcut to our goal.

On Thursday, March 12 (that’s today) and on Tuesday, March 19, from noon to midnight, New York time, Barbara will be hosting a TWITTER IDEA PARTY that you can jump into whenever you want, for as long as you want, for free.  Here are instructions (including instructions for those who need to set up a Twitter account first — it takes two seconds).

Bring a wish and an obstacle that is standing in your way. Then sit back and watch as people start tweeting ideas and solutions. Barbara will personally be there to offer advice for all twelve hours on both days (with just brief breaks to walk the dog). Believe me, this is a unique opportunity to get advice and ideas from a master. I will also be joining the fun later this afternoon (I will blame Barbara if I develop a hopeless addiction to Twitter as a result).

And mark your calendar for March 24, the official 30th Anniversary of Wishcraft.  Barbara will be hosting a 24-hour GLOBAL IDEA PARTY, which can be listened to via internet radio, and responded to by instant messaging. People will be able to call and IM from all over the world. Here’s a description of the party.

See you on Twitter.

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