The Latest Job Satisfaction Stats

February 5th, 2009

theofficedwightIn this economy, “job satisfaction” tends to be relative. Yes, many are grateful just to have a steady paycheck,  but you might be surprised at how many of the gainfully employed are searching for something better. just released its 4th annual survey of employee job satisfaction and it revealed some interesting trends:

  • Approximately 65% of respondents said they were “somewhat” satisfied, but less than 15% said they were “extremely” satisfied. Meanwhile, employers believe that 30% of their workers are “extremely” satisfied. As usual, management is out of touch (maybe that’s because we know what’s good for us and have learned how to put on a happy face at work even when we’re seething inside).
  • The most satisfied workers are the Working Retirees and those in the Healthcare and Internet industries (I wonder if anyone has done a Blogger Job Satisfaction survey).
  • The least satisfied workers are the Millenials (those under 30) and those in the Financial Services industry (no shocker there).
  • 65% of employed survey respondents said they are looking around (up more than 17% this year). 60% said they plan to intensify their job search over the next three months despite the economy.
  • Nearly 80% of responding managers do not believe that their employees will initiate a job search in the next three months. Workers are smarter than managers realize. We might be willing to settle for a steady paycheck in the short term, especially during a tough job market, but we are always keeping our eyes open for a more rewarding opportunity. So don’t think you can treat us like crap forever. We’ll put up with it only as long as we absolutely have to.
  • Those who plan to stay in their jobs will do so because of a best friend at work, a good paycheck, or an easy commute. It’s rather telling that none of these factors have anything to do with the work itself.

Check out more results from the survey.

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Kim Avery, Certified Career Coach

It’s encouraging to see that most employees are not assuming that their current position is their best position.

It’s always a good idea to subtly keep your eyes open the that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This will also force employers to consistently examine their own atmosphere and benefits – raising the bar for everyone.

Don’t settle.

Heidi Kraft

Interesting to see how management believes employees are more satisfied. Also interesting that the least satisfied group are the Millenials. Anyone know of more stats on this group? I know from coaching this group that they have different values than other generations which can effect satisfaction – if they’re in a company that adopts an old mindset.

Appreciate any more info that anyone has.


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