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April 21st, 2008

The very cool Chris Bailey at Bailey WorkPlay has invited me to join a  game of book-related tag. The object of the game is to share what you’re currently reading and sentences 6-8 of page 123 of that book (I was excited to discover that Escape from Corporate America  is currently on Chris’ reading list). 

As always, I’m in the middle of two very different books. I tend to  have at least two books in rotation — one work-related or business title and one transporting novel or memoir. I like to always have a novel in my bag so that I can switch gears and escape to another place when i get too bogged down with work and day-to-day craziness (and when I’m squeezed between smelly people with no sense of personal space on the F train).

So my novel of the moment is one that I somehow didn’t get around to reading until eight years after it came out to great critical acclaim and won the Whitbread First Novel Award.  It’s White Teeth by Zadie Smith (I actually read her more recent novel On Beauty first and then had to go back and read the rest of her work).  Here’s the bit from page 123:

          Samad wasn’t listening. It was imperative that he be at school before nine if this trip were going to have any purpose whatsoever. By nine, she’d be in class. 

 I am also in the middle of reading Anita Bruzzese’s 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy (And How to Avoid Them), which is a great and entertaining resource for anyone with a boss. Here’s the slightly-out-of-context snippet from page 123 (it’s part of a great chapter about being more tolerant int he workplace):

          Focus on the behavior, not the person. Calling someone a racist or a bigot won’t get anywhere — it will just erect more barriers. Sometimes just clarifying the comment will help the other person realize the error: "Am I clear in understanding that you believe all Irish people to be drunks?"

 Next on my reading list is the latest from the amazing Jhumpa Lahiri, Unaccustomed Earth.

So who else wants to play tag and share their current reading? How about:

Anita Bruzzese
Analisa Balares
Richard Fouts
Nichelle Stevens

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Anita Bruzzese

Thanks for reading my book…hope you find it useful. I’m in the middle of reading “A Whack on the Side of the Head,” by Roger von Oech. Here’s a snippet: “A good way to stretch our imaginations is to ask ‘what if’ someone else were solving our problem. For example, how would Winston Churchill,Machiavelli, your mother, Leonardo da Vinci, Mother Theresa, the Three Stooges, Socrates, Jesus of Nazareth, Wonder Woman, the Godfather, Homer Simpson, Sigmund Freud, Beethoven, Martin Luther King or Genghis Khan — go about it?”
Anita Bruzzese

Chris Bailey

Hiya Pamela, I’m digging your book. I’m about a quarter of the way in and kind of laughing to myself at some of the phases of disillusionment you list…they seem so darn familiar for some reason. Looking forward to discovering what else is to come.

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