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January 30th, 2009

careerbuilderkoala21Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just about football. It’s also a chance to check out all of the crazy new big-budget ad campaigns.

So what companies are willing to fork over millions for Super Bowl ad time even during a recession?

Companies like Anheuser-Busch and Pepsi are in.  And so is  For the fifth consecutive year, is debuting a new ad campaign during the Super Bowl.  Here’s a sneak peek.

What do you think? The campaign was developed by Wieden & Kennedy and has that touch of  dark humor that we’ve come to expect from ads  (read my review of last year’s campaign). The visuals certainly capture the torture of being trapped in a bad job. Plus there’s a koala bear wearing Lumbergh glasses (see above).

But if nobody’s hiring these days, how can afford a Super Bowl ad? Well, maybe the hiring outlook isn’t quite as grim as we keep hearing. Chief Marketing Officer Richard Castellini has encouraging words for job searchers:  “Our recent job forecast found that, despite a tough economy, 14 percent of employers say they will be hiring full-time employees in 2009 and additionally, 19 percent say they plan to increase their online recruitment spending.”

Today, I got two emails  from people announcing moves into great new jobs, so maybe Richard and the koala are right.

As part of the new ad campaign, has also launched a new online tool called the Anonymous Tip Giver. Click on over if you’d like to provide some anonymous  “constructive” criticism to your boss  or co-worker via an emailed video clip starring an alligator or a zombie. You can write your own tip or choose a premade one. If your biggest office problems involve annoying ring tones and tuna breath, they’ve got you covered.  I just sent one of my coworkers the news that he smells like an old cabin. Burnnnnnn.

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Anissa Stein

I agree with the assessment that it is not all bad out there. I have a friend who just made the leap from one job to another. Thanks for the sneak preview – their ads are always worth a look!


I like to stay positive and believe that there is still hope out there in the job world.

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