Sin With Me In NYC

January 5th, 2009

se7endeadlysinsStill trying to be a good little  boy or girl and stick to those  wholesome New Year’s resolutions? Maybe it’s time to rebel against that clichéd New Year’s resolution routine and resolve to be very, very bad in 2009.

If you’re based in or near NYC, you can start this weekend by committing seven deadly sins before 9:00 PM on Saturday. It will make a nice, decadent break from all of your job searching and/or business building.

Here’s the deal: In my role as a writer/editor for, I worked with a company called City Dusk  to put together a cool night out in New York City inspired by the seven deadly sins. You’ll get to eat, drink, demo sex toys, play with swords (the fencing kind), tour the Cooper Classic Car Club, and enjoy slothful massages.

If you  feel like acting out this Saturday, City Dusk is offering Manhattan readers a discount of $10 on the $70 ticket price (which includes food, drinks, and debauchery). Just  contact Cal at City Dusk and mention and he will hook you up with the discount.

Read more about the sinful itinerary at my blog.

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