Scott Jordan — SeV Founder on Escaping from Corporate America

June 30th, 2009

Scott Jordan is the founder and CEO of SCOTTEVEST/SeV, the company behind the gadget-friendly clothing line that has earned rave reviews from everyone from The New York Times to Matthew McConaughey. SeV’s vests, jackets, and pants include hidden pockets to hold all of your technology devices and conceal and manage the wires — perfect for tech geeks on the go (including Steve Wozniak, who is on SeV’s advisory board).

But back in the 1990’s, Scott Jordan was a miserable corporate lawyer with a wild idea and no experience in clothing design or manufacturing. He took a a risk and walked away from a lucrative and predictable career path to start SeV and pursue his dream.

In this clip from a 2000 episode of Radical Sabbatical (the late and lamented program that ran briefly on the Fine Living Network), Scott shares his escape story and offers a glimpse into his life as a new entrepreneur.

Pretty inspiring stuff. And that was only the beginning. Here’s Scott on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch in 2007 showing off SeV’s products and talking about the company’s success:

And I can’t forget SeV’s funny iPod ad spoof:

Now I’m off to order my SeV Women’s Travel Vest with 21 pockets and lady-friendly design. It’s not quite high-fashion, but it looks like it could save me a lot of hassel and back pains during my runs through the world’s most crowded airports.

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