Robert Scoble Interviews Pamela Skillings: The Importance of Finding Work You Love

May 21st, 2008

On Monday, I had the opportunity to meet super-blogger and author Robert Scoble for an interview at the beautiful FastCompany headquarters in 7 World Trade Center. We talked about Escape from Corporate America, his dream job with FastCompany, and the importance of finding work that you love.

Last week, I also had the opportunity to record a segment for ABC News Now and talk about financial planning tips for people changing careers.

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Wow, congrats on the great press.

Steve Laffey

Nice interviews – ABC was a great score.

Audrey Saunders

Pam this is great, what a coup! I liked how Scoble made sure to quickly say that Fast Company was his dream job.


The ABC interview was very informative. You looked very poised. I’m pretty sure I would freak out in the same position.

Michael Lee Stallard


Very nice interviews! Scoble is so great. It must have been fun chatting with him.

I’m enjoying reading your book and love your sense of humor. Best wishes for your continued success.


Hey Pamela,

Real…your interview with Robert.
Nice…the other interview.

I like real.

Dr. Cris Green

I love the interview with Pamela. You are so right that a person can plan a job change ahead of time so that the impacts to their lifestyle and family is not huge.
The important thing is to first determine what you are passionate about and brainstorm how you could make a living to support yourself and family. I like the suggestion to volunteer or moonlight to determine if you enjoy the job you are planning to change to…make a plan and take baby steps towards your life dream. It is well worth it.

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