Quit Your Job Search, It’s the Holidays!

December 22nd, 2008

bryantparkoverheadnight-300pxI’m getting the distinct impression that nobody is particularly interested in job search tips or career change strategies today. Everybody I know is caught up in shopping, baking, decorating, or packing for their holiday travels.

Are you taking a few days off from the job hunt to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and/or Kwanzaa? Don’t feel guilty. Here are a few good reasons to give yourself a  little vacation.

1. You deserve a break. Yes, you’re supposed to treat your job search like a full-time job, but even the most driven workaholics usually take a little time off for the holidays.

2. Hiring managers and recruiters are slacking off too. I don’t know any recruiters or HR managers who are scheduling job interviews this week. So this is the perfect time to step away from your obsessive phone and email monitoring.

3. You’ll be refreshed and inspired for the new year. A few days away will help you recharge your job searching battery. You’ll likely return with a more objective perspective and see new opportunities and strategies that you didn’t notice before.

My holiday gifts for you will be arriving after December 25th. I have lots of new content lined up to help you with job searching, career transitions, and New Year’s career resolutions during late December and January.

I’m just going to wait until you’ve had a chance to open your presents, eat your latkas, drink your eggnog, and otherwise enjoy your holiday season.

By then, you’ll be ready and maybe even have some post-holiday downtime for career strategizing, resume updating, and putting the advice into practice.

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