Hot 97 Street Soldiers

April 4th, 2009

This Sunday (4/5/09) from 9AM until 10AM, you can hear me on Lisa Evers’ Street Soldiers show on Hot 97 FM. We’ll be talking about how to find a good job in this challenging economy.

We taped the show last week and had a great time in the studio. I was one of three career experts offering advice for Hot 97 listeners and for Rachel, a job hunter who joined us in the studio. One of my fellow guests is a business owner who is currently hiring for well-paying positions and can’t find the right candidates. He’ll talk about what he’s looking for, the employer’s point of view, and how to score an interview with his firm.

Our host Lisa Evers is a reporter for Fox 5 NEWS and a former Guardian Angel. She has been hosting Street Soldiers, a #1-rated public affairs radio show on one of New York’s hottest stations, since the 1990s.

We covered lots of topics during the one-hour show, focusing on practical advice and strategies. I love doing radio, especially with a great host who asks smart questions. Tune in and check it out if you’re in the NYC area this Sunday morning.

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I heard the show that morning, but cannot remember what the other gentleman’s name is or his business. Can you help? Thank you,

Pamela Skillings

Hi Andrea,
His name is Luis Soublette and his company is called Foil Mania. They are based in Miami, but hiring in multiple cities (including New York.

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