I Hate My Job Interventions with Marcus Buckingham on Oprah

April 17th, 2008

I just saw a  preview for tomorrow’s Oprah show and am very excited because the subject is near and dear to my heart. The topic is I Hate My Job Interventions and the featured guest is Marcus Buckingham, author of the excellent Now, Discover Your Strengths.

Based on the results of a poll on, many of Oprah’s viewers could really use an intervention. The poll asks: "Are you happy in your job?" And as of this writing, 82.9% of 1995 respondents said No. Go add your vote and see the latest results.

As the blurb on says,  "Don’t waste another second in a job you hate." I couldn’t agree more and am eager to see if Oprah and Marcus will swoop into the cubicles of the disgruntled and downtrodden to save them from  their  miserable careers.

Marcus Buckingham’s theory is that the key to career happiness is to identify and focus on your greatest talents and strengths. The problem is that many of us have forgotten what those talents are or have never had the opportunity to really use them. I think everyone can benefit from his advice on how to understand and develop your key strengths. Buckingham is offering a free online course on the subject on right now if you want to learn more.

If you’re a career changer or contemplating an escape from Corporate America, I suggest you set your Tivo for this show tomorrow for a dose of advice and inspiration.  I’ll also be posting a review and recap here for those who miss it.

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Will you be on it? I couldnt tell.


No, I won’t be on the show myself, but it looks like a good one. If I am ever fortunate enough to receive an invitation to chat with Oprah, I will not be shy about making sure everybody knows about it. :)


I am almost 55 years of age, and I have been in my position as a “production worker” for the past 12 years. During this time, I have applied for various positions (mostly clerical, which is the type of work I am most familiar with), while working at this company. It is a small company, with no more than 50 employees, administration and production workers. It is a company that seems to be run by male oriented administration that pays it’s male employers well, and most of these employers do very little to earn their compensation. It seems, the more the employer makes, the less he earns it. Each time I have applied for a position other than production worker, I was shoved aside by someone (they would say) who had more experience, (which was not always the case), or they would say that since I had spent the last 12 years out on the floor, my clerical experience was not exactly up-to-date, as others that had less, but had used their experience more recently. Most generally, I was replaced by someone who was born outside of the United States, (a foreign country), some of which spoke very little english. One of these was chosen to work in customer service, where good english is a MUST! They recently hired a girl from Guam, who does speak very good english, but has little other experience, and they have already made her a lead person over one department. The main reason, I feel, that they do not want me for new positions, is the fact that I am an independent woman, who chooses to voice an opinion, when asked, and I aggressively take on challenges that most men would not want to. When I do not agree with something, I discuss it openly with my supervisor, and I tell him of the pros and cons, and they are not interested in a woman who is strong or aggressive, or one who seems to know what she wants. My own supervisor does not personally like me, and this he has shown by giving me low grades on my evaluation, even though my productivity efficiency rates are 9 out of 10 times over the 100 percentile range! I work well, without supervision, as most of the time, I am left this way. Yet, I got low marks for this score. They have managed, for the last three years to short me on getting a raise, and I do nothing but increase my productivity and quality work every year! I feel I am being shorted, and I feel they are trying to, little by little, weed me out of their group of employees. I have never felt appreciated, and I have many times offered my skills and my desires to move up in the company. All they will tell me is that they are sure that, later on, there would be more positions opening up in the future, and that I should feel free to apply for them, then. And, each time, I do, they shut the door in my face! Since I am almost 55, I am fearful of looking for another job, and I know, during this dreadful economic crisis, it would be most difficult to find a job that pays as well as the one I have. Yet, I dread, each morning, facing these people who seemed destined to destroy what’s left of my self-esteem, and I just want to cover my head up and die, sometimes! I hate my job with a passion! I used to love it! Let me rephrase that. I really don’t hate my job. I hate these people who are out to destroy me and my self-esteem, who are trying to lead me to believe I am a “has-been”, and that no one will ever hire me again! I’m so upset, I don’t know what to do! I know I have great, useful skills, but I’m afraid noone will give me another chance in this lifetime to use them! I am definitely going to listen to the Marcus Buckinghams courses. I’m glad he offers them for free. I have to get out of the situation I am in, before it’s too late!

Very Troubled in North Carolina

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