Get a Life, Not a Job

June 10th, 2010

get a life not a job

Get a Life, Not a Job: Do What You Love and Let Your Talents Work For You is an interesting new book about how to design a career that truly aligns with your life values and priorities.

My personal career mission is to help people find more fulfilling work (whether that means escaping from Corporate America or finding a great job in the corporate world) and author Paula Caligiuri is a woman on a similar mission. As a work psychologist and Professor of Human Resources Management at Rutgers University, Caligiuri knows a thing or two about job satisfaction and how it has changed over the years.

Get a Life, Not a Job provides advice on discovering what motivates you and building a more inspiring career. For me, the most interesting aspect of the book  is the focus on structuring a career with multiple revenue streams so you will always be layoff-proof. This idea of a portfolio career composed of multiple part-time income-generating activities is appealing to many, but how do you go about constructing one?

This is a very relevant topic in today’s work world. Speaking as someone who has been able to create a very fulfilling portfolio career that incorporates running a business, teaching, consulting, coaching and writing, I know the financial and psychological benefits of this lifestyle (along with the challenges of juggling multiple careers). I work with many of my career coaching clients to address the question of how to create and balance revenue streams that may include a salary job, part-time consulting work, and a small side business (among other possibilities).

Caligiuri’s book provides some useful exercises and resources for those ready to redesign their careers to be both more fulfilling and more financially stable. She also includes tips on how to identify and develop different “career acts” (her term for simultaneous profitable activities) that will allow you to achieve more balance and financial freedom.

Get a Life, Get a Job is worth a look for anyone seeking support in developing a rewarding portfolio career.

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Maggie Mistal

Great review Pamela! I recently interviewed Paula on my SIRIUSXM radio show and also found her book insightful. As a career consultant as well working with clients, doing a weekly radio show, writing, speaking and training I couldn’t agree more with the ideas on getting a life in Paula’s book. People want a career that works for them and its great to see we are all on a similar mission to help them make that happen! My show is on Fridays at 4pm ET/1pm PT on SIRIUS 112/XM 157 if you want to check it out!


Thanks for your comment, Maggie. Your radio show sounds great and I will definitely check it out.


Great review, I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. I can’t help but laugh on the book’s title. So true! Many are becoming a slave of their own jobs and you just want to say ” Wake up! Get a Life! ” I’m glad I did two years ago and I’m trying to spread the word whenever possible: Follow Your Passion. Cheers!


Nothing wrong with this idea, but in a state with severe economic problems, all this just sounds a little fru-fru.

Pamela Skillings

Hi Shelley,
I get what you mean. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to pay your bills. But as a long-term strategy, I think we should all strive to find work that we consider rewarding (at least most of the time…no job is perfect or a thrill every day).

Cherry from How To Change Careers

For most people career change really means life change. When the job is so bad that you just have to make a move, then it is often the case that fundamental values are being ignored. I always encourage would-be career changers to review their core values as part of the process and often this means that the whole work / life balance issue comes into play. The idea of creating a working life that allows multiple income streams can be a great way to make that balance possible. But it is a mindset shift that can be quite a challenge for some!
Cherry Douglas
Your Career Change Guide


I heard your radio show Maggie…It was great indeed..I love your articles,Keep posting more often..Thanks for sharing..

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