My Escape Story in The New York Times

June 2nd, 2008

I had the incredible opportunity to write a piece for The New  York Times about my struggle to walk away from my job (and most importantly, my salary) to start my own business.

The story ran in the Sunday business section this weekend: Do You Love the Job, or Just the Paycheck?

I have always dreamed about seeing my byline in The New York Times. I might as well admit it — even though I know how earnestness is frowned upon in the blogosphere. :  )

After all, I’ve already written about my financial neuroses and job angst (as you’ll see if you check out the article).

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Congratulations. I read it and its great press for you.

Charise Dell

I read it too. It was very interesting. I’m not sure why it didnt mention your book at all.


Wow, your article was such an inspiration to me! It felt like I was reading my life story. I am currently transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. I write about my transition in my blog and how I am growing and developing from this transformation. It is also therapeutic to write about my experiences. After reading your article, I can take comfort in knowing that I am not the only person going through this journey. Thank you again for sharing.


Great job! Loved the article! You are truly an inspiration…

Career Change

Great Career Change article, Pamela! Congratulations.
I noticed your book in the background and the article sig file also mentioned it at the bottom.

Mark McClure


Would have loved to attend your book party, but missed the posting, darn it. I echo Beyond 254’s comment–the article was inspirational and described my current transition from the paycheck world to entrepreneur. Your article really outlined the process of hating being a middle manager, slowly realizing there are alternatives, analyzing your finances, and then starting the extrication process. I’ll write back in a few months when I begin my new life. I hope it goes as well as yours!

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