Marketing Advice from Corporate Escape Artist Shannon McCaffery

March 24th, 2009

bob-parsons-and-shannon-mccafferyToday on Corporate Escape Artist Radio, we welcomed marketing expert Shannon McCaffery. Shannon specializes in helping entrepreneurs develop and implement all of our brilliant ideas.  Check out the recording  (listen live or download to iTunes) here: Corporate Escape Artist Radio with Shannon McCaffery (Shannon’s segment is the fourth one, starting at 11:30)

Shannon shares her own escape story (it took four layoffs to finally chase her out of Corporate America) and lots of great advice on building and marketing your business with Facebook, Twitter, and other tools. Shannon is a former Fortune 500 marketing director and now sells her services as “The Marketing Implementer.”  She helps her clients actually act on all of those great ideas on all of those to-do lists.

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Shannon also directed us to Bob Parsons’ (CEO and Founder of 16 Rules for Success in Business & Life.  It’s a great read. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out Rule #3: When you’re ready to quit, you’re closer than you think.

Thanks again to Shannon and my co-host Chicke Fitzgerald at Solutionz Live! for another  enlightening show.

Photo of Shannon McCaffery and Bob Parsons courtesy of Shannon McCaffery

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Sharon Wilson

Shannon’s story is truly amazing. Great blog.


My friends laughed when I said I was going to support my family working from home…until I did. I credit this blog: for showing me how to win consistently. Read it!


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