Entrepreneurial Energy vs. Office Energy

January 6th, 2009

jerrymaguiremoneyToday I’ve got an interesting guest post from entrepreneur and corporate escape artist Vera Babayeva.  She raises some interesting points about the difference between working your butt off for yourself and working your butt off for the man. : )

I know that I work harder for myself than I ever have for any other boss in my life. And I definitely get tired and frustrated at times. But I never feel that discouraged, weary, and hopeless lethargy that used to plague me during my corporate days.

Read Vera’s take below and let us know what you think (visit Vera’s blog to read more of her insights).


Now that I am out of my office job for over three months, I have been realizing a distinct difference between entrepreneurial energy and office energy. Allow me to share my findings with you.

The entrepreneurial energy:
• Is positive, creative and result oriented.
• Celebrates each day and looks forward to that right e-mail, phone call, or person to meet.
• Puts on an optimistic attitude, good mood, and stays inspired
• Reaps all the benefits, profits, and fame
• Impresses self
• Creates multiple streams of revenue

The office energy:
• Counts down their life away to Friday.
• Frequently complains about the higher ups.
• Settles for, “another day another dollar.”
• Endlessly complains about being “overworked and underpaid.”
• Endlessly complains about not getting enough raise.
• Always worried about impressing others
• Is under the fallacy that their income is stable

As difficult and challenging entrepreneurship may be, it’s pretty damn rewarding when you finally see results. Being surrounded with entrepreneurs and connecting with them for partnership and other business opportunities to grow is phenomenal. We trip and fall as we pursue our goals, but we always find a way to get up and keep going. Keep creating and securing our own future, rather then leaving it in someone else’s hands.

For those of you who have taken the leap or have always been entrepreneurs, I congratulate you!

Vera Babayeva is the founder of Women Can Have It, a community of entrepreneur moms in NY. Visit our websites for resources, business and family tools, upcoming webinars, live events, and workshops designed to help you manage a family and a business.

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