Are You A Corporate Casualty? Take the Quiz and Find Out.

July 10th, 2008

How do you know if you should escape from Corporate America? How can you determine if it’s time to make a major career change or if you’re just having a bad week?

I put together my Are You A Corporate Casualty? quiz based on the  research and interviews I conducted while writing Escape from Corporate America.

I would love it if you could spend a few minutes taking the quiz. We are compiling the results to try to get a better sense of just how many aspiring corporate escapees are out there (and what is driving them up the cubicle wall).

The quiz was debuted online a few weeks ago by the amazing Guy Kawasaki (thanks again to Guy for taking the time to speak with me) and the response has been great so far.

Please pass the quiz link along to any disgruntled friends who might welcome an opportunity to vent!

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Neal Berk

I scored a 14.


um, yeah…I scored a 2. Confirms what I know already – time to get out. Thanks for the push.

Sal Lentini

got a 10!


Well, I scored a 24 so I guess I’m not in bad shape.

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