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Goodbye to Farrah and Michael — From Gen X With Love

June 26th, 2009

Written by Pamela Skillings

Members of Generation X are mourning two of our childhood icons with the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the same day.

I didn’t really think about the Generation X connection until I saw this article by Ted Anthony for the Associated Press. But Farrah and Michael really were the faces of our childhood fantasies and memories.  “These people were on our lunchboxes,” said one Gen Xer interviewed for the AP story.


In fact, I was the proud owner of a Charlie’s Angels lunchbox. It was my very first lunchbox…I think it was for first grade or second grade and that my mother may even have it stashed in a cupboard somewhere.

I remember playing “Charlie’s Angels” in my childhood backyard with the other girls from the neighborhood. We would argue over who got to be Farrah/Jill. Of course, we were too young to really understand why everybody’s big brothers had her poster on their walls.

Years later, I proudly Scotch-taped a Tiger Beat poster of Michael Jackson in my seventh-grade locker (my very first locker). My friends and I had crushes on him just like our little sisters later had crushes on The New Kids on the Block.

He was cute and unthreatening and we loved his music and his sparkly clothes (and if you look at the photo above, how can you deny that he was gorgeous?).  Thriller was one of the first and only albums that I ever owned (along with Men at Work and Hall & Oates if you really want me to date myself). read more…