CareerBuilder Super Bowl Ads

February 3rd, 2008

career builder superbowlFor me, the highlights of tonight’s crop of new Super Bowl commercials were the ads from Apparently, this is a web site after my own heart. After all, listen to their manifesto: "Our new TV campaign encourages disgruntled workers everywhere to get out of unrewarding jobs and do something about their situation," says

Best of all, the ads are truly funny and memorable. They almost made me believe in humanity again after I suffered through watching Paula Abdul sing (sorry, Paula). And they really capture the quiet desperation one feels when stuck in a brain-numbing, soul-sucking job. Ah yes, I remember it well.

In the first commercial, "Queen of Hearts," a downtrodden assistant toils miserably over her computer while her evil boss sucks on lobster claws in his office.  See how our beleaguered heroine learns how to follow her heart and find a new job.

In "Firefly",  a mopey schlub in a suit is working late and lamenting his crappy job when a singing, incandescent insect (in a suit and tie, natch) inspires him to dream big.  See why "wishing won’t get you a better job."

And here I thought they couldn’t top their previous campaign featuring monkeys in offices. Let’s face it, it’s hard to top monkeys. Monkeys are just inherently hilarious. And I should know. I spent hours building my own Monk-e-Mail  e-cards after those other commercials aired last year. So apparently, I’m not the most  objective source.

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