Career Advice from The Rachel Zoe Project

October 13th, 2009

taylorrachelzoeshowOkay, so I have been known to watch The Rachel Zoe Project. Don’t judge me. I can’t really tell you why I find it fascinating as I am pretty much a fashion idiot and most of the “characters” on the show are really annoying.

Maybe it’s because the show has proven to be a fount of fabulous and cutting-edge career advice in action.

For example, let’s look at Taylor’s genius strategy for getting promoted from her role as Rachel’s assistant to become the head of “branding” for Rachel Zoe Inc. (I’m not convinced Taylor knows exactly what branding means, but the girl had a goal and she went for it).

Here’s Tay-Tay’s  step-by-step process that is sure to help you score a promotion too:

1) Get a job working for a boss who has her own reality show.

2) Complain constantly about how hard you’re working and how mistreated you are (you are ABOVE unpacking boxes, damnit).

3) Belittle your boss and her clients (you are ABOVE photo shoots and fashion shows, damnit).

4) When summoned to a company meeting, refuse to remove your sunglasses and smirk and giggle when the new CEO speaks (you are above your boss’ husband and his weird haircut, damnit).

5) Accept promotion!

You see how easy that was? Ba-na-nas.

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OK, you’re now my new best friend. Or at least my new favorite blogger of all time. I love this show, and apparently I’ve finally found THE other person who watches it!

I’d go through my list of notes on it, but you covered all my “Taylor” observations perfectly. ; ) Ahh, validation! I DIE!

Thanks for this post…….I’ll be following your blog regularly for sure now.

Pamela Skillings

Hi Kim,
Thanks for sharing my fascination with the Zoe. It’s nice to find a kindred spirit.

Indian Careers Blog

Great Advice. I like it very much.
Thanks for your Valuable post.

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