Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

August 4th, 2009

Is your city startup-friendly? If not, maybe it’s time to think about moving to Vegas, Portland, or Chapel Hill.

The new Entrepreneur magazine has a great article on the ten best cities in the US for small business right now. Best of all, for each city, there’s a  success story to provide a little inspiration. If The Cupcakery (Las Vegas) and the Redi Pedi Cab Company (Orlando) can thrive in this economy, your business can too.

The cities highlighted offer opportunities for different reasons — like  low real estate costs in Vegas;  a culture of collaboration in Portland, Oregon; generous loan and grant programs in Phoenix; and fantastic incubators in Madison, Wisconsin and Youngstown, Ohio.

I’m not too surprised that my hometown of New York City didn’t make the list of startup-friendly towns. It’s true that the costs of living  and operating a business are higher here in NYC than in many other cities (if you can make it here…). However, there are also great opportunities for small businesses  in New York City. In fact, the New York City government recently started offering free business boot camps for new entrepreneurs (FastTrac New Venture) and for established  small business owners looking for support to sustain and grow their companies (FastTrac Growth Venture). Learn more about these free programs and how to sign up.

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Mary Anderson

Being in a good city is an advantage for many entrepreneurs. They can earn more.


Good point!

Thank you for the shout out!


Not to forget that the Disney Entrepreneur Center was a top reason Orlando made the list and why Redi Pedi Cab Company is around today!

Pamela Skillings

Hi Catherine, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I would love to interview you for the blog and learn more about Redi Pedi and about the services that the Disney Entrepreneur Center provides.


Sure! Via email or phone: 321.251.4608

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