Be An Entrepreneur….Or Just Think Like One

January 24th, 2010

As a career & interview coach, one of my core philosophies  is that we all must learn to think like entrepreneurs when it comes to managing our careers.

That doesn’t mean all of my clients are running their own businesses — many are very happy and successful in Corporate America or working for others. However, they all know that it’s important to run their careers like they would run a business.

An entrepreneurial mindset is key to success in any career path these days – whether you’re starting your own company, climbing the corporate ladder, or managing a career transition.

That’s why I’m excited about teaching a new class at New York University called How to Think Like an Entrepreneur at Work: Improve Your Results in Any Job

In three weekly evening sessions (February 10, 17, 24), students will learn the techniques and strategies that successful entrepreneurs use to identify opportunities, generate brilliant ideas,  develop and sell their “products” (including their expertise and talents), create action plans, persevere in the face of rejection and obstacles, and more. Learn more and sign up to join us.

P.S. I  am also gearing up to teach a new NYU semester  of Coaching Clients Through Professional and Personal Transitions, which provides instruction on essential transition coaching skills for managers, HR specialists, and professional coaches. It’s a valuable class for anyone working with clients or employees in transition.

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Paul King

I agree that having the right mindset is key to sucess. Having started my own software business recently and developing the tools to run it, I feel like once that switch in your brain has been turned on there’s no going back. You could do worse things than spending time and money developing yourself to get your career on the right track. Paul

Stephanie Robertson

The thought is that if you carry an individualized idea of entrepreneurship then you have expanded your opportunities. While in a corporate climate you become so dependent on structure and stability that it is often less acceptable to take risks. Adopting an entrepreneurial attitude loosens the safety net enough to fall into the lap of success.

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Even with a desk job, you’ve got to keep looking at your career outside the confines of your present situation.

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